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Avatars/Profile Picture
« on: August 31, 2012, 01:17:19 pm »
How to add Avatar/Profile Picture.

As this forum uses Admin Levels,there's a small bug in profile/avatar upload system.

The bug is that you're not able to upload profile picture.
Where as some are able to upload.

How to upload then?
1) Click Profile tab.
2) Choose Forum Profile option
There you can see Avatar/Profile picture option.
3) Open new tab and go to
There,upload your picture.
After upload you will get links to add.
You must choose direct link from there.
Now copy the link.
4) Come back to your profile options.
5) On Avatar/Profile pic option,choose specify avatar by URL.
6) At right side,you can see a box.
Enter the image link there.
7) Click save changes at bottom.

Then your avatar/profile picture will be added successfully.
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